• 2016 May 24

    Dmitry Smirnov, Head of the Northern Sea Route Administration, tells about NSR operation

    Since April 2016 the Northern Sea Route Administration has been headed by Dmitry Smirnov who had proved himself to be a good expert in the industry. In his interview with IAA PortNews he tells about the state of the NSR infrastructure and significance of cartographic applications for NSR.

  • 2016 May 20

    From Russia with love … to diesel and sulphur

    The strategy of Transneft implies further shifting of Russian oil products from the Baltic states to the ports of Russia. The Company is also going to establish the Urals Heavy brand oil and to export annually some 30 mln t of it via the port of Ust-Luga.

  • 2016 May 17

    No Klondike?

    The Far East region of Russia expected to become a ‘bunkering Klondike’ shows a plunge in sales of marine fuels amid the oil market situation and intensified pressure on business.

  • 2016 May 8

    Ideology of self-reliance for shipbuilding

    In Russia, some officials are hatching an idea to ban the placement of large shipbuilding orders with foreign shipyards without the approval by an ad hoc government commission. Today, only an unofficial oral instruction of Dmitry Rogozin is effective.

  • 2016 April 28

    Road to Crimea

    Construction of the bridge across the Kerch Strait has transformed from an idea into a project that begins to take shape. IAA PortNews journalist reports on the process from the construction site.

  • 2016 April 21

    Export dues in customs’ hand

    Before the norms are approved officially for bunker consumption by ships, Russia’s Far Eastern Customs carry out an audit and charge bunker suppliers for taking on “excess” fuel. The amount of fuel stored in excess of the norms is calculated on their own.

  • 2016 April 14

    Hamburg State Councillor Dr Rolf Bösinger: “Hamburg is a ‘gate to the world’ for Russia”

    Despite sanctions and economic slump, Hamburg continues playing a significant role in Russian foreign trade. Hamburg State Councillor Dr Rolf Bösinger tells IAA PortNews about the development of Hamburg port and shipbuilding industry.

  • 2016 April 12

    Yury Ladygin: “Region’s customs is able to handle much larger volumes of transit cargo”

    Transit potential of Russia’s Far East has been widely discussed recently. In his interview with IAA PortNews, Head of Far East Customs Yury Ladygin tells about the challenges and the achievements in this field.

  • 2016 April 8

    Port of Rotterdam: Challenges Outlook to 2050

    Executives of the Port of Rotterdam share their view how the port will look in 2050 and the technology they are going to apply for that.

  • 2016 April 6

    In pursuit of balance

    There is lack of balance between different types of transport in Russia. It is difficult to regulate under a free market economy especially amid extremely low water level at inland water ways (IWW). Nevertheless, RF Ministry of Transport is set to strive for adequate distribution of cargo flows between automobile, railway and water transport, though the Ministry of Finance does not side with all the measures proposed.