• 2018 May 14

    Fleet upgrading

    Shipyards of Russia are not equally loaded so far. Considerable number of potential orders will let ensure a well balanced loading. State leasing companies representing an important instrument to finance newbuildings provide for construction of almost all commercial ships.

  • 2018 May 8

    Ilya Muromets ready for Arctic endeavor

    RF Navy’s Northern Fleet has successfully completed ice tests of the newest icebreaker Ilya Muromets. It took 19 days for the ship to perform the test ptogramme in the water areas of the Barents and Kara seas, in ice fields of different thickness and density.

  • 2018 April 25

    Fleet horizons

    After a long period of stagnation Russia has at last embarked on wide-scale construction of civil vessels. However, the process of fleet renovation can be hindered by low content of serial construction and imbalance between different types of transport.

  • 2018 April 20

    Liquefied prospects

    Russia, along with Qatar, Australia and the USA, will be among the world’s largest suppliers of LNG. However, its competitiveness should be improved through logistics optimization while LNG as bunker fuel can be quite expensive due to dependence on foreign technologies and equipment.

  • 2018 April 13

    Approach to Novorossiysk

    Seaport of Novorossiysk, Russia’s leader in terms of throughput, is set to boost its capacity in the nearest future and to enter the pool of major container players in the Black Sea along with Ukraine’s Odessa and Romania’s Constanta. A significant factor that still limits the development is the infrastructure bottlenecks on railway and highway approaches to the port.

  • 2018 April 11

    Aleksandr Khodachek: “Improvement of PPP and concession mechanisms is needed rather than invention of new ones”

    Aleksandr Khodachek, President of National Research University “Higher School of Economics” in Saint-Petersburg, tells IAA PortNews about financial instruments efficient for construction of roads, ports and icebreakers.

  • 2018 April 6

    Konstantin Krasnokutskiy: “P&I Clubs always cover the damages if they were determined with a reasonable degree of certainty”

    A hallmark case concerning collision of m/v Delta Pioneer with a berth in the port of Primorsk on November 20, 2016, ended in Russia. A lawyer of the Greek shipowner, Konstantin Krasnokutskiy of Lex Navicus Concordia, told Portnews about the difficulties that the parties to the case encountered during litigation.

  • 2018 March 30

    State support

    Russia has laid a course for import substitution, introduction of new technologies in shipbuilding and support of domestic shipyards. Development of new financial mechanisms including leasing is also underway. Besides, a law is being drafted to ensure the priority deployment of vessels built in Russia while the Ministry of Industry and Trade is implementing its own project on support of LNG-powered ships.

  • 2018 March 27

    Tug of discord

    The allision of the Aframax tanker Delta Pioneer with a pier at Primorsk port caused by spontaneous release of the towing line resulted in a long arrest of the ship and scandal proceedings. Finally, the court approved the amicable agreement according to which the amount payable has reduced by a half versus the amount claimed initially and approved by the court of first appearance. However, further litigation is possible while the ship has not been released so far.

  • 2018 March 22

    Integration of ecosystems

    Amid the growing geopolitical tension Russian shipbuilding is keeping its way towards closer integration with Finland, its historical partner in this industry. Arctech shipyard was earlier consolidated under the control of Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation. Now, Russian company Transas is acquired by Finland’s Wärtsilä.